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May 12th is International Fibromyalgia Awareness Day.

I like to say everyday is fibromyalgia awareness day for those of us that have it. We are constantly, painfully aware of fibromyalgia.

This day is a good opportunity though to join with millions of others also l...


I have a major sweet tooth, especially for chocolate! While I will splurge at times and enjoy some of the chocolate candy we all grew up with, I like to find healthier options to satisfy those chocolate craving too.

Of course as a spoonie I need recipes that are simple...


What could possibly be the correlation between living a minimalistic lifestyle and living with a chronic illness? There are many ways the two go hand in hand.

First it is important to clarify what we mean when we say ‘go minimalist’.

At it's core minimalism is all about...


For many the words ‘eating disorder’ evoke images of starved young women with rib cages poking out from underneath their skin. This is one very real aspect of eating disorders. But that is not the only one.

The Facts About Eating Disorders

In the United States alone,...


Travel. It is one of the most indescribable joys of life.

The simple act of getting away from your everyday life can be a major stress reliever. It has been proven that traveling is beneficial for mental health.

Getting to see new sites, encountering a different culture...


First of all, yes I am turning a Pixar movie meant for kids into a lesson about mental health. Just roll with it.

Secondly, this contains spoilers so if you haven’t watched it yet and plan to, go watch it and come back. {It’s on Netflix}

Third, while Dory does not h...


Why is there such a stigma attached to mental illnesses?

Is it taboo to tell others that you have high blood pressure?

Should it be hush-hush that your spouse has heart disease?

Would you be worried about telling others that your child has diabetes, waiting to hear...


When you have a chronic illness, or two or three, there are many symptoms that are beyond troubling. Of course things like pain and fatigue are extremely upsetting, debilitating even.

But one of the most frustrating is that indefinable symptom. The only way that I can p...

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Adriel Maldonado
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I am a wife, mom, writer, and amateur plant-based cook, living with multiple chronic and mental illnesses. 

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