15 GIFs to Explain Life With Chronic Illness

Sometimes it is really difficult to find the words to explain life with a chronic illness, or two, or three, or ten. So here are a few graphics interchange format {GIFs} to do it for us.

1. What is going through your head about 90% of the time

2. What it feels like when you're in the middle of a flare up

3. But you don't want people to worry about you, so you pretend you're fine

4. When people try to get you to do stuff

5. When you've had enough of being out and pretending to be a healthy person

6. When fatigue hits

7. But of course you woke up fatigued

8. When brain fog hits

9. When yet another person claims they know what will cure you, what you say:

10. But this is what's going through your mind:

11. When everyone keeps saying you should exercise

12. Then you do try to exercise, but five minutes later you're all:

13. When you make plans to do something fun, but your body is all:

14. When you have to constantly cancel plans for fun stuff

15. But then you have a good day and get to enjoy life!

#ChronicIllness #Fibromyalgia