Depression - The Evil Creature Living in Your Mind

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What Does Depression Feel Like?

It is like having an evil presence living inside of your own mind.

You may have periods when this evil creature goes into hibernation. You feel happy, you feel free.

But then he wakes up. Maybe something bad happens in your life and it shakes him awake suddenly. Or possibly without warning he slowly awakens on his own.

This evil creature comes out of his hole and he begins to feed off of every negative thought that crosses his path.

The more the evil being eats the more he grows and spreads. The more he spreads the stronger and more powerful he becomes.

He keeps spreading until he has control of your mind. He whispers lies and falsehood. He tells your mind things it knows to be untrue, but he is forceful and cunning and your mind starts to confuse his lies for the truth.

Once the evil creature has control of your mind, of your thinking, he keeps spreading. He makes tunnels that lead straight to you heart, the seat of motivation.

This evil being halts all motivation. Those hobbies you once enjoyed? You don't care for them one way or another. That job you were passionate about? Not any more. The desire to function like a normal human being? Gone.

As time goes on he gains more and more strength. The more strength he has the stronger his hold on you becomes, to the point that he can even take away your will to live.

The Truth About Depression

The reality though is, depression is not some evil, mythical creature living inside of you or me.

Depression is an illness that can occur for a number of reasons, one being when the chemicals, or neurotransmitters, that are inside of each one of us becomes imbalanced. Most of the time there is a combination of factors involved.


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How to Break Free

I know it feels like the evil creature has a hold on you and there is nothing you can do. I know his grip is hard. I know it feels like he has consumed everything that made you who you were. But I promise, you are still in there.

Breaking free of depressions grasp is difficult, but it is possible.

  • Get help

You can't fight the evil being alone, you need assistance. Whether it be from medication, natural supplements, a change of diet, therapy, or some combination of those. You need help balancing the chemicals in your body.

  • Cut off depression’s food supply

Negativity is the catalyst for depression, it can both cause depression and increase its hold on you. Negative thinking causes a physical reaction in your body that can lead to a chemical imbalance, this leads to the appearance of the evil creature.

You may not have control over how much negativity you are surrounded by, but you do have a say on whether or not you dwell on that negativity.

When you feel yourself being bombarded by negativity that is out of your control, step back and go outside, or watch videos of baby penguins, or listen to your favorite music, or talk to your best friend, or eat a piece of chocolate. Do what you need to do to calm yourself and help your body and mind balance itself out.

  • Feed Your Mind Good Things

You may not be able to stop depression by thinking happy thoughts. But positivity has the opposite effect on your body and mind as negativity does. When you choose to dwell on good things you are taking steps to conquer the evil being.

There is currently no way to permanently get rid of the evil creature. But you don't have to let him be in control. You can take back yourself and all that it means to be you.


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