Looking For The Root Of My Illness

As I am sure many others living with chronic illness can attest, looking for answers and relief can often feel like hitting a brick wall.

I was at this point yet again recently. The most my doctor has been able to do for me was to give me meds for the pain and suggest exercise for the fatigue.

But this was not enough. Time and again my blood work does not explain why I feel so awful most of the time. My quality of life was deteriorating and I was not okay with that.

Research on natural healing and specialized diets yielded many results. Too many to be honest. I didn't know what was right for my body. I didn't know what I needed.

That is why when a friend mentioned seeing an iridologist, also known as an eyeoligist, I was intrigued.

What Is Iridology?

What is an iridologist? This is a form of alternative medicine that studies the eyes, looking for the root of your symptoms.

In the eyes they can see what your body is deficient in, what parts of the body are out of balance, and what foods do not agree with your body. They then tell you what you need to address the root cause of your problems.

Sadly, this type of doctor is not covered by insurance, meaning I would be paying for everything out of pocket. As many of you can understand this is a real challenge when you have a limited income.

But I made sacrifices, my sweet family chipped in to help, and I was able to go see Dr. Claire Bridges.

I was nervous, but also very excited and curious. Some of what I learned did surprise me, but most did not.

What I Learned

First I learned my spleen and lymphatic system are out of balance and are not working properly.

Then I was told what I already knew, my digestive system is out of whack. And my hormones are completely imbalanced.

I learned I am deficient in certain minerals and vitamins, not because I am taking them in, but my body is not utilizing them properly. This explains why I have frequently had symptoms of iron deficiency, even though my iron levels are always fine.

I also learned that because of my body type I need lots of water! And sweating, or detoxing the lymphatic system, is very important for me.

So what are the foods I should avoid? Well, here's where it gets hard. I should avoid cow based dairy products, because they increase mucus in the body and that is particularly harmful for me.

Next is anything dehydrating. As in you know, COFFEE! Also things like black tea, carbonated drinks, and sugar.

Third is fried foods, as Dr. Bridges said fried foods isn't good anyone. But for some bodies it is worse, and I am one of them.

Last is refined grains. I have been trying to avoid gluten for a while now, I learned though that my issue is not necessarily gluten or wheat, but it is the overly processed gluten and wheat. Sprouted wheat bread should be just fine for me.*

I was also given suggestions on what to add to my diet to aid my body in healing. Walnuts was top of the list, which is just fine with me.

Next though was broth and soup. I am not a big fan of broth and soup. Other than soup that is super creamy and or cheesy, and that's not what she meant.

I was also told that as a substitute for cow's milk cheese, I could have cheese made from sheep or goat milk. I like goat cheese already and am interested in trying sheep cheese next!

I was also given a list of supplements and teas to add to my daily regimen. I got a couple already and hope to get the others soon.

Dr. Bridges also looked at the medications, supplements, and vitamins I am already taking and showed me where to tweak them.

Some I do not need to continue, others I needed higher doses, or I need to switch to something that will be more effective.

She also told me to continue taking my prescription medications for the time being. She was very considerate about not overwhelming my system by making too many changes.

It is also of concern that if I detox too quickly my cortisol levels could go up causing the anxiety and depression I already have even worse.

I truly appreciated the concern she showed for my overall well being. All in all I was very impressed!

I was overwhelmed though too. It felt like a lot of changes were being thrown at me and I don't always do so well with change.

But I am processing it all and making a game plan to put all these changes into action.

Some of these changes will be harder than others, but I am going to do my best to stick with it!

I will keep you all posted on how it goes. I hope to have good news for you!

*This is true for me, but not for everyone. For example someone with Celiac disease must avoid all gluten.

{Note} I realize there are many who do not believe there is scientific evidence to back up to claims made by iridologist. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but based on the testimony of several friends and my own experience I personally feel there is truth behind what Dr. Bridges says.

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